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A&F 1.5x14 Pancake Snare

Pancake Snare Drums
kr 5 295,00
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A&F 3x13 Raw Brass Snare

Rude Boy Snare Raw Brass
kr 8 230,00
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A&F 4x14 Solid Oak 10-lug Prototype w/wood hoops

This exact snare drum is one of a kind Prototype made with one ply Oak shell, no-re-rings or inside edge, our reverse baseball bat edge. Oak wood hoops and our patented Raw Brass Lugs and Claw Hooks.
kr 17 385,00

A&F 4x14 Steam Bent Solid Maple 8-Lug

Steam Bent Solid Maple Black
kr 13 526,00

A&F 4x14 Walnut Club Snare, Brass Hoop

Raw Brass Hoops & Hardware (illustrasjon foto)
kr 13 878,00

A&F 4x14 Walnut Club Snare, Walnut Hoop

Walnut Hoops & Raw Brass Hardware (Stand and Bag sold separately)
kr 16 231,00

A&F 4x15 Club Snare, White

Antique White Club Snare
kr 12 937,00

A&F 4x15 Mahogany Club w/Brass Hoops

Mahogany Club Snare
kr 12 937,00