Alctron DI2300N

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Passive Direct box
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DI2300N Passive DI Box
An essential tool for every musician and engineer, the Alctron DI2300N is a passive direct box that combines exceptional audio performance with solid construction, has everything you need to adapt unbalanced, high-impedance audio to a balanced output.

Passive DI
Passive DI's require no power source, whereas active boxes require a power source (batteries, AC power or phantom power) and include an electronic circuit which aides in converting the unbalanced signal to balanced through more complex methods. Passive boxes simply act as a transformer, which isolates the signal and eliminates 60-cycle hum from ground loops  It is ideally suited for instruments such as bass guitar, active acoustics, and keyboards and so on.


Passive direct box
Combines exceptional audio performance with solid dependable construction
Ideal general duty direct box for stage and studio
High input impedance to reduce loading
Handle signal levels at all frequency without distortion


Audio circuit type: passive, transformer based
Number of channels: signal channel (mono)
Frequency response: 20hz-18.5khz
Dynamic range: 128dB
Max output: +18dB @20hz
Input impedance: 140kΩ, unbalanced
Output impedance: 150Ω, balanced
Size: 146mm x 90mm x 40mm