Alctron MA628

Produsent: ALCTRON
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Kraftig overhead stativ til studio og scene
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MA628 is a luxurious mic studio stands made by steel and alum. Compared with other stands it is more stable and sturdy.

Angle adjustable and height adjustable function allow you position your mic in an ideal angle and height. It suits for pro studio, stage performance, meeting, and speech etc occasions.

Practical telescoping boom Collection free
It features support boom, straight boom shaft and detachable mini boom shaft. Its angle and height adjustable function allow you position in your ideal position

Stable and reliable. Heavy tripod and long tripod legs
Tripod legs feature better bearing. Tripod height is adjustable that offers better storage and unfold.

Easy to adjust, Height, angle and distance all are adjustable
Features height adjustable support arm and telescoping boom shaft. 160 degree angle adjustable telescoping boom shaft. Adjusts boom shaft’s angle, height, distance and height adjustable support arm.

Foldable design Space-saving and portable

It adopts integrity design
Foldable tripod base, support arm, mini boom shaft
Mini boom shaft is detachable
Put into the box, space-saving