Alctron DI2001N

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Multimedia DI box
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DI2002N Passive DI Box
The DI2002N is a passive direct box specifically developed with the audio-video creative in mind. A big choice of inputs - XLR, 1/4" jacks, RCA's and 3.5mm mini jack. Output is merged to mono via a custom wound transformer to an XLR. An ideal interface.

Custom Wound Transformer
A high-performance custom-wound transformer is employed and converts the impedance, and balances the line while providing exceptional common-mode rejection. To further reduce susceptibility to noise, the transformer is encapsulated thus preventing RF and electromagnetic induction. The inputs may be used as thru-puts and are auto merged to mono to reduce cable infrastructure and audio channel requirements. +4dB XLR input is also provided to interface professional balanced line-level signals. The output is standard 600-ohm mic-level for direct interconnect to mixing console microphone inputs. These features make the DI2002N an ideal interface for portable computers, CD players, iPods, and other sound sources.


Passive direct box
Developed with the audio-video integrator
High-performance custom-wound transformer
Converts the impedance and balances the line
Reduces susceptibility to noise
Transformer preventing RF and electromagnetic induction
Ideal interface for portable computers, CD players, iPods, and other sound sources


Audio circuit type: passive, transformer based
Number of channels: dual channel (stereo)
Frequency response: 20hz-18.5khz
Dynamic range: 128dB
Max output: +18dB @20hz
Input impedance: 140kΩ, unbalanced
Output impedance: 600Ω, balanced
Size: 146mm x 90mm x 40mm