Gallistrings D660

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Elgitar strengesett spesielt beregnet for drop D/C (.010 –.060)
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Gallistrings D660 D-Tuned Drop 6 (.010 - .060)
D-Tuned have been created to meet the needs of specialist guitar players and the newest guitars: The special tension makes these strings perfect for Drop-D and Drop-C tuning instruments without causing buzzing effects. The end product is a sound that is always precise and explosive!

In addition, Gallistrings has a very strict quality control where every single string is checked and laser corrected. They do this to give you strings of the highest quality. Try the Gallistrings and be convinced too!

String Gauges: .010 .013 .017 .036 .052 .060

DS10 1st Plain Steel .010 0.25
DS13 2nd Plain Steel .013 0.33
DS17 3rd Plain Steel .017 0.43
DS36 4th Nickel Round Wound .036 0.91
DS52 5th Nickel Round Wound .052 1.13
DS60 6th Nickel Round Wound .060 1.52