Akctron Pro DI8

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8-kanals passiv DI i 19" rack
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PRO DI8 is a professional and multi-purpose 8-channel direct injection box for stage and studio applications. Direct injection boxes make it possible to connect guitars, basses and keyboards (as well as other line-level devices) to audio mixers and recorders. They are absolutely essential for proper impedance-matching and to maintain signal integrity. According to the various buttons and knobs, you can always get a superior sound quality.


Multi-purpose 8-channel direct injection box
Used in stage and studio application
Connects guitars, basses and keyboards to audio mixers and recorders
For proper impedance-matching and to maintain signal integrity
Gets a superior sound quality


Audio input

Connector: 1/4’’ TS connector, unbalanced
Type: DC-decoupled
Impedance: 1MΩ
Max input level: +18/48dbu

Audio output

Connector: XLR, balanced 1/4’’ TS connector, unbalanced
Type: electrically balanced output stage
Impedance: 680ohm balanced
Max output level: +23dbu, balanced, +16dbu, unbalanced

System specifications

Frequency response: 23hz-120khz(±3db)
Noise: -104dbu

Power supply

Europe: 230V, 50Hz
Fuse: 200-240V T100mA H
Mains connection: standard IEC receptacle


Dimension: 482mm*207mm*44mm