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3m Adapter|Scale Technologies SC012 - RCA to Jack 6

Produsent: Scale Technologies
SKU: 8159837
kr 55,00
RCA to Jack 6.3m adapter in metal and high quality
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The SC012 is simple and compact adapter with gold connector and in black metal. This adaptor features a RCA phono socket and a 1/4" (6.3mm) mono jack connection. Compatible with a wide range of audio equipment, it easily adapts your RCA phono cable to be compatible with a 1/4" jack connection.

  • Female RCA to Jack 6.35mm TS adaptor is the easy way to adapt phono plugs to 1/4 Inch Jack sockets.
  • Application: connecting audio devices: amplifier, recording equipment, speaker, HI-FI audio systems, mixer boards
  • Highest quality and prrecision. The metal connectors are covered with 24k gold and their casing is made of black metal. The usage of this quality material mede it possible eliminate distortion in the transmitted signal