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A&H Dante Card 64x64, 48kHz

Dante kort til iLive. DanteTM is a ground breaking, Ethernet compliant audio networking technology developed by Australian company Audinate to satisfy the increasing demands of the live sound industry for high performance audio, routing flexibility and affordable direct to computer recording. It uses CAT5 cable and standard networking components to distribute multiple streams of audio plus integrated control...

kr 12 890,00 inkl MVA

PreSonus SLAMAD16-Cover

kr 499,00 inkl MVA

PreSonus SLAMAD24-Cover

kr 649,00 inkl MVA

PreSonus SLAMAD32-Cover

kr 749,00 inkl MVA

A&H Waves Card v2 for iLive/GLD/ME

Waves kort til iLive v2.New! Compared to the original M-Waves option card, M-Waves V2 adds the ability to sync from the SoundGrid network, opening up more applications such as digital mic splitting, audio distribution, FoH and Monitor sharing a single SG Server and more.M-Waves V2 gives access to 64 input and 64 output channels and can be fitted to the Port B exp...

kr 11 670,00 inkl MVA

A&H AR2412 24in/12ut (Qu,SQ,Avantis og GLD) sort med XLR lås

AR2412 er en AudioRack for utbygging av GLD digital miksesytemet samt Qu-serien.   Hver AR2412 legger til 24 XLR innganger og 12 XLR utganger til miksere GLD/QU systemet. AR2412 har en dSnake inn port og en dSnake ekspander ut port i ethercon format. I tilleg har den Monitor port for tilkobling av ME-1 personal monitoring løsningen eller Aviom® Pro16 enheter . Tilkobling er via Cat5 kabel o...

kr 14 675,00 inkl MVA

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