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A&H Dante Card 64x64, 48kHz

Dante kort til iLive. DanteTM is a ground breaking, Ethernet compliant audio networking technology developed by Australian company Audinate to satisfy the increasing demands of the live sound industry for high performance audio, routing flexibility and affordable direct to computer recording. It uses CAT5 cable and standard networking components to distribute multiple streams of audio plus integrated control...

kr 12 890,00 inkl MVA

Mackie C300z 12" - 2-way Compact Passive SR Loudspeaker

Passiv høyttaler
kr 4 739,00 inkl MVA

Mackie CR3-X - 3" Multimedia Monitors

Aktiv monitor
kr 1 389,00 inkl MVA

Mackie CR4-X - 4" Multimedia Monitors

Aktiv monitor
kr 1 699,00 inkl MVA

Mackie CR5-X - 5" Multimedia Monitors

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kr 2 219,00 inkl MVA