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Arturia 3-Compressors Download

3 rare, highly-prized studio hardware compressors into the digital domain as plugin software using Arturias exclusive TAE® modelling technology.
kr 1 095,00 inkl MVA

Arturia 3-Filters Softw. Pack

An inspiring compilation of historic synth filters, turbo-charged as software plugins.
kr 1 125,00 inkl MVA

Arturia 3-Preamps Softw. Pack

A perfectly curated collection of the finest vintage preamps ever made, reborn as software plugins.
kr 1 950,00 inkl MVA

Arturia Pigments Softw. Synth

Version 2 of Pigments.
kr 1 950,00 inkl MVA

Arturia Pigments Synth Downl.

Version 2 of Piments.
kr 2 095,00 inkl MVA

Arturia V-Collection-7 Downl

Software suite, 24 vintage keyboards
kr 4 875,00 inkl MVA