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Material: Mylar, 1-ply - Finish: Smooth White
kr 245,00
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Material: Mylar, 1-ply, Finish: Smooth White
kr 253,00
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Wooden body;Wooden handles;Large;
kr 240,00
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Economical alternative to LP Professional Timbale heads;Material: Mylar, 1-ply;Finish: Smooth White, Aspire Logo;Rim: Standard Drumset in respective size;Models:;Tito Puente Timbales;Prestige Timbales;Matador Timbales;Aspire Timbales;LP Rio Timbau;LP Trash Snare;
kr 227,00
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The RC-Series Renaissance® Clear Aluminum Insert Timpani drumheads are the ultimate in warm, dark, focused tone, with dynamic sensitivity and full-range projection for the most discriminating Timpanists.
kr 2 179,00
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The Coated Top Banjo Head has the traditional white frosted look and is the most popular head made for 5-string banjos. Coated Top Banjo Heads bring a crisp dry tone without too much sustain providing great clarity and note distinction.
kr 285,00
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The Fiberskyn® Banjo Head embodies the look and sound of the old calfskin head with modern synthetic skin conveniences. This head has a warm, round tone and described as “plunky” or with an Appalachian mountain kind of sound. The sustain is short similar to coated heads but with more low end frequency.
kr 317,00
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